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Oscar Navarro, Owner of Capri Shoes

Oscar Navarro, Owner

Capri Shoes has been handcrafting custom footwear products for over 50 years. Capri Shoes is one of the few custom shoemakers providing a wide spectrum of specialty costume footwear products from clown shoes to stage boots to professional dance shoes. The same expertise that goes into each pair of specialty shoes is also available to the discriminate buyer looking for a unique pair of shoes, unavailable from mass retailers.

With a large staff of shoe making and repair specialists, Capri also offers professional footwear maintenance and repair solutions for individuals as well as retail and professional clientele nationwide.

We are one of the few companies that still cut and sew shoes by hand in the tradition of the traditional shoe cobbler, creating a product to fit your exact foot measurements. No other shoe company offers this custom fit creating on such a wide scale.

All Capri products are 100% handmade in the United States under the watchful eye of Owner, and second-generation shoemaker, Oscar Navarro. While shoe making has become a unique trade and dying art, with only a small number of expert shoemakers remaining employed in the United States, Capri has compiled a team of the best.


Capri owner Oscar Navarro has worked in the professional shoemaking business since 1980, when he emigrated at the age of 20 from Mexico to the U.S. During the next dozen years Oscar learned and mastered his craft and was eventually able to purchase Capri Shoes from its original owner in 1992. Capri Shoe has been serving Southern California since 1963.

Over the past 23 years Oscar Navarro has diversified Capri Shoes from being a simple shoe repair shop into a world class creator of custom handcrafted shoes for major amusement parks, movie studios, dance troupes, and theatre groups. While Capri’s clientele has expanded and diversified over the years, their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction hasn’t swayed under the watchful eye of Oscar Navarro.

In 2003, Capri moved to Historic Downtown Fullerton, where they established a new custom shop and retail store, and continue to grow their operation through hand-made quality and an eye for detail.

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